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Monday, 29 October 2012

Nokia S40 Bluetooth Prank trick

Hey whats up guys this is chandan again and today i am gonna share a trick about nokia s40 bluetooth you can also call it a prank which you can play it with your friends. if you want to know what the trick is do follow the following steps and see what   


Turn on your phone's Bluetooth by going to bluebooth menu

Step 2:

Go back to main screen or home screen

step 3:

Dial *#9990#

Step 4:

now go back to Bluetooth menu and try to turn off bluetooth the bluetooth will not turn off

Step 5:

if you want to get off from this problem just restart your phone and try to turn off it will definetly turn off

Step 6:

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this trick will only work for nokia s40 phones don't know about other try if it works do know us by commenting below.


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