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Friday, 17 August 2012

how to open blocked restricted sites

hey guys welcome to i m chandan, today i m going to share a new trick about how how to open restricted sites as we know thats most of the sites are restricted to other countries Yes, this is quite common problem . For example some countries have a law that prohibits online 

poker. Technically isp-s (Internet service providers) block certain websites (for example The same thing can happen in universities, offices and other places.

The best way in this case is to order vpn (virtul private network) service. Basically you will use software that bypasses 

Your ISP restriction.

In my country india Internet poker is prohibited. I have searched for best priced vpn-s for a while and found that 

Strongvpn is the best. So for half a year I am satisfied with their service. It will cost you a penny and You will never have the same problem again. They also have good online helpdesk to help you install the software. Just follow the link 


here is another way

Please try this
1> open google, in that search for Transparent free proxy adderss list
2> select any one of the link
3>look for proxy address with 8080 protocal, and note that ip address
4>now, go to the tool option and select internet options
5>in internet options tab select connetions.
6>in connetions select LAN settings
7>in LAN settings select option use a proxy server for your LAN, in that address put noted transporent ip and port no 8080., give ok.

try to open sites, it may work for u................
if u have any problem please comment below...


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