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Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to control Laptops with your mobile phiones
Step-1 : To control your Laptop through phone first download "Unified Remote" software  from the Android Market. There is a free and a full version. Both will work.
Step-2 : Also download the computer server software, which can be found at . During the steps of the software install, you will see a menu of which features will be installed on your computer. Make sure all features are selected to install on the PC. 
Step-3 : Lunch the downloaded application on your Android pone and go into servers. In the           menu, tap on add at the bottom. When given the choice between automatic and manual, select automatic. Then you will see a list of available servers. If you want to use Bluetooth, select the server for your computer having the Bluetooth logo . For WiFi, select the WiFi option.
Step-4 : Now you will able to go into the remote's menu when your server is choosed. A list of different remotes will be available . But you will find more remotes in the full version.

Tip:- The remote application works more frequently on WiFi so use that option when available. It will also enhance battery life on your device.


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