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Friday, 3 August 2012

5 Biggest Changes in Windows 7

Hi, this is chandan singh for, and today we're going to talk about the 5 biggest changes in Windows 7.A lot of work went into Windows 7 in order to dramatically increase its user-friendliness. Here are some of the most useful features.

Basic Changes in Windows 7

1) Windows Search. One of the biggest enhancements to Windows 7 is the much improved search function. You'll see a text box right above the Start Menu. Here - much like OS X's Spotlight feature - you can type in a search phrase, and you'll get a quick, nicely grouped set of results. You'll see Programs, Music, Video and other Documents that match your search request.

More Changes in Windows 7

2) Taskbar functionality. Arguably the most flexible new functionality in Windows 7 is in the task bar. Nnow, you can pin an item directly to the start bar, keeping it there for easy reference. Also new to the task bar are jump lists, which bring up a listing of your most recent or common functions for that item.

Additional Changes in Windows 7

3) The Aero Interface is more than just a new, glossy and translucent sheen. Windows 7 also uses your GPU to create handy effects like Aero Snap, which lets you easily manipulate windows. Aero Peek lets you "peek" through windows, letting you look at the desktop without clutter. And Aero Shake lets you minimize all open windows by "shaking" a target window.

Other Changes in Windows 7

4) The Windows 7 Action Center is the easiest way yet to see if there's an issue with your computer. Look for this flag in the lower corner on the right. See the red X? That means that you might have a problem that need looking into.

Fifth Biggest Change in Windows 7

5) One of the most complex and technical things in Windows has been managing devices. Devices Stage provides a central base - a stage, if you will - where you can see your devices, and access their functions in one simple area. This is also where you can add and troubleshoot new devices.

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