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Friday, 27 July 2012

USB Router Power

So, the other day, i got home from a small LAN consisting of 4 people, and thought, seeing as i was using my 4 Port WLAN router to do some internet routing and the WiFi, wouldn't it be convenient to simply use a USB connection to power the router, instead of cluttering the power board i was using with another pointless plug.

Just saying this now, just in case, but takes no responsibility
 for damaged hardware. I doubt this will happen, but theres always a chance.

To perform this little bit of hackery, all i needed was a plug that would fit into the router, and two USB ports.

Before we begin, i do recommend that you take a look at the power requirements of your router. My router requires 1.2Amps to run at full potential, but i cut short and made my power supply give it 1amp max. 

Work out the power requirements below, with the amount of USB's you will need to run in parallel

  • up to 500ma or 0.5AMP - 1 USB Ports
  • up to 1000ma or 1AMP - 2 USB Ports
  • up to 1500ma or 1.5AMP - 3 USB Ports
  • up to 2000ma or 2AMP - 4USB Port

The list continues. so for each 500ma, add one USB port.

I cut short, because i didn't have 3 USB plugs to spare, nor really wanted to give up 3 USB ports on my PC...
USB can output a max of 500ma (0.5AMP) per port, so this is the reason for using multiple ports

From here, you should now have the amount of USB's you need, and also the plug to connect your router.

Strip the USB's back to the wires, cut off the wires except the Red and the Black ones, as these are the power.
Join the colours from your collection of USB plugs.
Join Red with Red, and Black with Black.
Now, strip back your plug for the router, work out which is positive, and which is negative. Positive wire usually will be coloured red, but if not, it will be the one with the white strip on the rubber insulation. 

Join the positive wire with the Red group of wires, and then join the negative wire, with the black group of wires.

Tape it all up, and test it out...
Lets hope it works. If it doesn't work, try reversing the polarity on the plug to the router, or try different USB ports.

Mine worked fine, and i hope yours does too.

we does not take any responsibility to damaged hardware 


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