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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nokia S60 Phone TIPS and FAQS

TIPS Code SF002

Reinstall All App/Game On Ur Phone
1. Format ur Memory Card , using card reader more faster.
2. ReFormat ur phone drive (drive c and d). To do it there are two ways :
- Use secret code *#7370# or
- On Phone switch off , press and hold 3 button (Dial,*,3) , and switch ur phone ON , wait until format screen show and release the 3 button , and follow the instruction on phone until format phone complete.
3. Reinstall all ur app and game.

Note : Before Reformat Phone Drive
Make sure to backup all ur contact and data that store in phone drive , becouse reformat phone drive make all ur contact and data gone.

Note : Why we need to reformat phone drive ?
This is becouse some app/game that u have before on ur phone , store their data/library file/installation configuration file/license file/security file in phone drive (drive c or d) , so when u reinstall ur app/game that store in Memory Card , all that files that i mention above still in phone drive. This is why phone drive must reformat to remove all that files.

TIPS Code SF003

App/Game Version
Some new version of app/game not support or run nicely with lately version OS Symbian. If u have this problem u can do 2 ways :
1. Update OS Symbian with newer version or
2. Use app/game with lately version

This sitution always happen with lately phone series with lately OS Symbian version.

But ..............
Some old version of app/game not run nicely with newer version of OS Symbian.

TIPS Code SF004

Message Error : "App Closed ChildInstall"
I hope everyone read this solution ................... this problem always show with S60 newer series , expecially on N6600 , N6630 , N7610 , N6620.

This error message mean , the installer files is missing , become hide state , corruption or have broken binarry code file. Expecially when the file installer came from BT tranfer file.

If Phone have this problem , the happening is :
1. File Installer (is BT Message Files) can not be delete, every time u want to delete message show is the file is using/not exist.
2. App can not be install, every time u try to install message show like above.

The Solution
1. Close all app/game that still run.
2. Run app for File Browser (like SeleQ , System Explorer , Profi File etc).
3. Find the installer file (BT Message) on folder ..\system\mail\00001001_S\[Mail Root -> Hex 0 - F]\[BT Message Folder ended by 'F' alpanameurik]\[BT Message File]
Note = Dont forget to set app file setting to show hiden file.
4. After u find it , delete that file (BT Message)
5. To make sure the file installer gone , check ur message inbox. If u delete the right file , that BT Message will be gone.
6. Send again the file installer to ur phone
7. After send file complete , just install it.


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